Small Heads for Temple Dogs

Article Written for Foxy-Tails By: Peter Ohlsson 

Some solutions to get small heads on Temple Dog style flies are: use thinner thread, remove the underfur etc, etc... To get a small and neat head on your fly is not really that difficult but a picture paints more then thousand words so I made an SBS to hopefully aid you.

I always use two sizes of tubes when I tie Temple Dog flies. In this case inner and outer tubes and a brass US Tube. Make a V-shaped cut with a scalpel. You don't need superglue or anything else. Just wind the thread over the V-shaped cut in the outer tube firmly.




The body is now completed. Leave some space for wing 1 and 2 and hackle 1. 


Wing 1 and 2 (and of course some flash ... it's a Scandi fly after all)

Add in Hackle 1


Add the next wing layer.


Tie the last wing reversed and fold it back over the fly.
Its important to remove the underfur and keep it sparse.


Finish the fly with some peacock herl and JC. Add one layer of varnish, let it dry.
Use the scalpel to trim the head then add some more varnish.


The finished fly - in this case a 'Black & Green Highlander'


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