A Guide to Fur & Hair



Product: Marble Fox Tail

Average Hair length: 80-90mm

Description: Marble Fox Tail is a premium material and is one of the longest of the available artic fox hairs and is very mobile. The texture is very soft and lively and when tied in stages (or layers) it can produce a large silhouette within a relatively sparse dressing which aids to controlling the weight in the finished tube or hook based fly. Due to its length, Marble Fox Tail is ideal for the modern Scandinavian style of dressing where long over-wings are desired and is often the final wing layer over supporting layers of the shorter Shadow Fox tail or pelt.

Product: Shadow Fox Tail

Average Hair length: 60-70mm

Description: Shadow Fox Tail is slightly shorter than Marble Fox Tail and is another of the artic fox hairs we stock. It is very mobile and the hair is often used as a supporting layer in flies using Marble Fox Tail as a final wing layer. Used on its own, Shadow Fox Tail is ideally suited to smaller tube fly wings or as a supporting material in modern shrimp fly tail designs where enhanced mobility is desired. The material is lively in the water, relatively soft and carries a fantastic sheen.

Product: Shadow Fox Pelt

Average Hair length: 50mm

Description: Shadow Fox Pelt is fairly short but is incredibly soft with high mobility in the water. For larger flies Shadow Fox Pelt is usually supported by stiffer material like the Shadow Fox Tail. However, in smaller (or micro) flies the lively nature of the material when wet makes it especially suitable used alone where stiffer materials would not be suitable. Shadow Fox Pelt has also found its way into flies for Rainbow or Brown Trout where it can be found in the tails of flies such as the Damsel Lure.

Product: Fox Mask

Average Hair length: 10mm - 75mm

Description: Each animal pelt has only one mask and this carries the most variable hair lengths and colouration. The shortest hair is found at the nose and cheeks and increases in length to the maximum on the brow. The hair is extremely high quality and slightly stiffer than the tail hair with very straight guard hair and offers an adventurous tyer lots of opportunities for fly tails and tube wings.

Product: Raccoon Dog Tail

Average Hair length: 90-100mm

Description: Used in the same way to Marble Fox Tail or Shadow Fox Tail but as it is quite long with a natural curve, it is ideal not only as a hair used on its own but as an over-wing to other fox hairs thus giving a longer and more curved profile. A great hair with a good mobility and is ideal for the modern Scandinavian style of fly dressing.

Product: Tanuki Finn Raccoon Tail

Average Hair length: 80-100mm

Description: The hair is very soft and dense near to the tail base and holds dye colour extremely well. the guard hairs can reach 75mm - 100mm in length and are very straight with a translucency like Polar Bear (although not as stiff). Tanuki Finn Raccoon Tail hair is marginally less mobile than that found on the pelt and thus is a fantastic replacement for the over-hyped Artic Runner.

Product: Tanuki Finn Raccoon Pelt

Average Hair length: 80-100mm

Description: Tanuki Finn Raccoon Pelt has been used in Scandinavia for many years but is relatively new to the UK tying scene. The hair is very soft and dense near to the pelt and holds dye colour extremely well and the guard hairs can reach 75mm-100mm in length and are very straight with a translucency like Polar Bear (although not as stiff). In the water it moves just like marabou but is far stronger.

However, most importantly it allows the tying of flies with tremendous mobility and movement that are suitable for UK conditions. The pelt is also available cut as zonkers which are finding favour in high mobility modern Pike fly designs.

Product: Nayat Pelt

Average Hair length: 150-175mm

Description: An ideal hair for long winged salmon patterns such as Collie Dog and Sunray Shadow. Also great for modern larger Scandinavian style dressings. The hair has a slight crinkle but has good mobility and very easy to tie in. The hair is very useful in saltwater and other baitfish style patterns as it has a natural taper that creates an excellent profile.

Product: Cashmere Goat Pelt

Average Hair length: 160mm

Description: A perfect match for Caucasian silver goat made famous by Yuri Shumakov and perfect for Shumakov or Frödin tube patterns and any fly that you want to have a wing with length, translucency and high mobility. Cashmere Goat is far more mobile than polar bear, and just as translucent. Will make great Collie Dogs and Sunray Shadows as it is highly mobile and will retain this liveliness in Saltwater.

Product: Boar Bristles Patch

Average Hair length: 70mm

Description: Perfect for Pot-bellied Pigs, the smaller Piglets, the Francis and any other shrimp or prawn pattern requiring disturbance inducing feelers. Another use for the bristle is as an addition to the long tail of some of the modern dressings such as Cascade. There is a bonus with this material and that is the wool at the base of the bristle which can be used as traditional body material in any fly pattern that requires dubbing.

Product: Mink Tail

Average Hair length: 50mm

Description: A shorter finer hair ideally suited to the smaller salmon fly #8 - #14 and tubes 10mm - 25mm. Makes a very neat wing ideal for Dee and Spey low water flies, due to its length and texture. Mink tail is also very suitable for sea trout flies. While sometimes overlooked, the underfur and guard hair is terrific for use as dubbing, a really spiky mix is possible, which once dubbed adds amazing "life" to any fly.

Product: Coypu Pelt

Average Hair length: 20mm - 50mm

Description: A very spiky material with little underfur although the hairs are not stiff. The hairs are extremely shiny and hold colour well and once in the water become very lively. For this properties Coypu is being used more and more in shrimp tails and other shrimp style flies.

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