Pro Cone

The classic style Pro Cone from Pro Sportfisher with an outstanding and robust surface finish.

The Pro Cone is machined with a large bore to allow easy positioning over fly heads which will really help new tyers or those using the smallest 4.5mm cones in the range. The cones still retain sufficient weight to be effective due to their modern external machined profile.

Sizes available: 4.5mm Dia / 5.5mm Dia / 6.5mm Dia

Fits: Pro Sportfisher Tubes and FutureFly 1.8mm Inner Tubing
Weight: 4.5mm (0.1g) / 5.5mm (0.2g) / 6.5mm (0.3g)
Pack Contents: 11 x 4.5mm / 10 x 5.5mm / 9 x 6.5mm


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Stock Code:  PSF-PC-100-3-3
Brand:  Pro Sportfisher

Pro Cone
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