Fluoro Fibre

Fluoro-Fibre is a semi-translucent synthetic fibre that changes its depth of tone depending on how light hits the material. It varies from a deep radiant hue to a lighter shade with a brisght frosty sheen as light reflects upon it. It shines when sunlight hits it.

The material is strong, very mobile and ties in with little bulk. It has become very popular with salmon fly tiers where it is used in the tails of scandinavian 'long wing' flies or as a final over-wing for creating a fantastic final profile to the wing.

It is now also being used as the tail on 'hook based' flies for Salmon and Sea Trout.

Individual Fibre Length: 210mm
Each Pack Contains: 1 hank


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Brand:  Foxy-Tails

Fluoro Fibre
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