FutureFly American Opossum


A superb hair for average sized flies.

Has a slightly curly underwool with longer and shiny guard hairs - almost like polar bear. Its soft, but not too soft, and this type of hair has got natural black tips.

Please Note:

Colours marked 'C' have less black guard hairs
Colours marked 'N' have more black guard hairs


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Stock Code:  FFAO101-14
Brand:  FutureFly

FutureFly American Opossum
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American Opossum Colour: BlackAmerican Opossum Colour: GreyAmerican Opossum Colour: WhiteAmerican Opossum Colour: Red
American Opossum Colour: Hot Yellow / Hot OrangeAmerican Opossum Colour: Yellow / OrangeAmerican Opossum Colour: Orange NAmerican Opossum Colour: King Fisher Blue
American Opossum Colour: YellowAmerican Opossum Colour: Em ClaretAmerican Opossum Colour: Sunburst NAmerican Opossum Colour: Chartreuse N
American Opossum Colour: Honey Gold NAmerican Opossum Colour: Magenta PinkAmerican Opossum Colour: Olive #1 Beiss OriginalAmerican Opossum Colour: Pink / Blue Tips
American Opossum Colour: PinkAmerican Opossum Colour: Light PinkAmerican Opossum Colour: Banana YellowAmerican Opossum Colour: Light Fiery
American Opossum Colour: PhatagorvaAmerican Opossum Colour: Autumn Superior