XT Feeler Bristles

The XT Feeler Bristles from Foxy-Tails are in rare supply and are perfect for Franc 'N' Snaelda or Frances style fly patterns that require longer and stiffer feeler bristles to work effectively.

They are twice as thick and much longer than our standard Wild Boar Bristles and thus carry the 'XT' designation. They work very well with the FutureFly IC Tubes, the TFS Compact Tube range or any hook based pattern requiring longer/stiffer feelers.

The Feeler Bristles can have their natural curve increased to your personal preference by pulling them accross your nail or dubbing needle.

Pack Contents: 100+ Feeler Bristles

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Stock Code:  XTFB100-4
Brand:  Foxy-Tails

XT Feeler Bristles
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