Tanuki Finn Raccoon Tail


We have a very limited stock of Tanuki Finn Raccoon Tail pieces as sadly a Finn Raccoon has only one tail.

The hair is very fine but slightly stiffer than the hair found on the pelt cuts. There is also less underfur in the tail and the guard hairs are translucent.

Due to the slightly stiffer nature of the hair, its translucence and the shine of the guard hairs, many of our customers have now moved to this material as a replacement for artic runner which is often very poor quality and supplied in very small packs.

You get a lot of material in one of our medium packs.

Pack Size: Medium Pack 

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Stock Code:  FTTFRT101-19
Brand:  Foxy-Tails

Tanuki Finn Raccoon Tail
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 Tanuki Colour: NaturalTanuki Colour: Tan 

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