Mink Tails

Our mink tails are excellent quality with pure natural colours and vibrant dyes.

Mink tails have a shorter and finer hair ideally suited to the smaller salmon fly of sizes #8 - #14 and tubes 10mm - 25mm. The hair on a Mink Tail provides a very neat wing which is ideal for Dee and Spey low water flies due to its length and texture. Mink Tail is also highly suitable for sea trout flies.

Whilst sometimes overlooked, the underfur and guard hair are terrific for use as dubbing. A really spiky mix is possible, which once dubbed adds amazing 'life' to any fly.

Package Contents: 1 Tail
Average Hair Length: 20-25mm


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Stock Code:  FTMKT1001-12
Brand:  Foxy-Tails

Mink Tails
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Mink Tail Colour: BlackMink Tail Colour: Natural BrownMink Tail Colour: Natural GreyMink Tail Colour: Marble
Mink Tail Colour: NaturalMink Tail Colour: GreenMink Tail Colour: Olive GreenMink Tail Colour: Bright Blue
Mink Tail Colour: YellowMink Tail Colour: RedMink Tail Colour: Shocking Pink