Coypu / Nutria Pelt


Coypu (or Nutria) is a very spiky material with little underfur although the hairs are not stiff. The hairs are hollow, extremely shiny and hold bright colour well.

Once in the water, Coypu/Nutria becomes very lively with a pulsating movement. For this reason Coypu/Nutria is being used more and more in traditional shrimp fly tails, other modern shrimp style flies (like the Cascade) and as a replacemrnt for small hookbased hairwings like Silver Stoats etc.

Each piece is cut as a pelt patch.

Hair Length: 20-50mm
Each Pack Contains: 7cm x 13cm pelt piece
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Stock Code:  FTCP100-2
Brand:  Foxy-Tails

Coypu / Nutria Pelt
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Coypu / Nutria Colour: BlackCoypu / Nutria Colour: Natural GreyCoypu / Nutria Colour: Natural WhiteCoypu / Nutria Colour: Fiery Brown
Coypu / Nutria Colour: Natural AmberCoypu / Nutria Colour: RedCoypu / Nutria Colour: OrangeCoypu / Nutria Colour: Sunburst
Coypu / Nutria Colour: BananaCoypu / Nutria Colour: ChartreuseCoypu / Nutria Colour: Bright YellowCoypu / Nutria Colour: Turqoise
Coypu / Nutria Colour: VioletCoypu / Nutria Colour: Shocking Pink