Compact-10C Tubes

The Compact-10C Tube allows all the weight of the fly to sit tight under the wing tying area thus providing enhanced balance whilst ensuring that the fly swims level in the water. The the groove at the rear of the Compact-13C allows paint or coloured thread to be inserted to provide a tag.

As with all metal tubes in the range the Compact-10C is fully compatible with the FutureFly 1.8mm Inner Tube.

This version is designed for those fly fisherman who prefer a fixed hook set up. 

Tube Diameter: 4mm
Tube Length: 10mm + 3mm
Tube Weight: 0.7 grams

Each Pack Contains: 10 Tubes 
Available Colours: Gold / Silver

Price :  £3.95Earn 3 Loyalty Points

Stock Code:  TFS5008-1
Brand:  Foxy-Tails

Compact-10C Tubes
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