Integrated Cone Tubes (IC)

The Integrated Cone Tubes (IC-Tubes) allow easy tying of most fly patterns, and especially, those similar to the Snaelder or Francis styles or other flies with tapered bodies. The added cone area provides a little extra weight and also reduce the problem of materials slipping forwards off the tube when tying.

The IC-Tubes are fully compatible with the FutureFly 1.8mm Inner Tube and have a shoulder at the rear to allow the use of Soft Tubing to hold the hook in place. The IC-Tubes come in both silver and gold variants and are machined to a very high quality.

Tube Length: 14mm
Cone Diameter: 4mm or 5mm
Total Weight: 14x4mm (0.8g) and 14x5mm (1.1g)

Each Pack Contains: 10 Tubes


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Stock Code:  FFICT100-1-1
Brand:  FutureFly

Integrated Cone Tubes (IC)
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Colour: 14x4mm GoldColour: 14x4mm SilverColour: 14x5mm GoldColour: 14x5mm Silver