Natures Spirt Grizzly Soft Hackles

We are really excited about these large, webby, soft hackle feathers from Natures Spirit which have a minimum of taper making them ideal for collaring your favorite salmon patterns, whether scandinavian or tradition style.

All feathers in each pack are hand selected by the Natures Spirit team to ensure that you don't get packets full of unusable material so common with other soft hackle brands.

You will only get full hackle feathers and each hackle will give at least 5-6 full turns of hackle (sometimes quite a few more) and they are available in 20 colours.

Each Pack Contains: 24 soft hackle feathers

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Hackle Colour:  

Stock Code:  NSGSH-100-8
Brand:  Natures Spirit

Natures Spirt Grizzly Soft Hackles
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Hackle Colour: BlackHackle Colour: Heron GreyHackle Colour: NaturalHackle Colour: Brown
Hackle Colour: Dark OliveHackle Colour: OliveHackle Colour: Light OliveHackle Colour: Gold
Hackle Colour: TanHackle Colour: ClaretHackle Colour: Hot PinkHackle Colour: Red
Hackle Colour: Hot OrangeHackle Colour: Fl-OrangeHackle Colour: YellowHackle Colour: Purple
Hackle Colour: GreenHackle Colour: Fl-ChartreuseHackle Colour: Royal BlueHackle Colour: Fl-Blue