Sybai Angora Goat Dubbing (Long)

The Long Angora Goat Dubbing from Sybai has very fine, soft and long fibres that hold very rich dye colours.

The fibres have a unique translucency and are one of the best substitutes for baby seal.

Approximate Hair Length: 150mm

Each Pack Contains: 1 gram 






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Stock Code:  SYB-ANG-100-2
Brand:  Sybai

Sybai Angora Goat Dubbing (Long)
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Dubbing Colour: GreenDubbing Colour: Gold OliveDubbing Colour: OliveDubbing Colour: Dark Olive
Dubbing Colour: Dark HoneyDubbing Colour: BrownDubbing Colour: OrangeDubbing Colour: Violet
Dubbing Colour: KhakiDubbing Colour: Rich PinkDubbing Colour: Kingfisher BlueDubbing Colour: Fl Yellow
Dubbing Colour: Fl Chartreuse