FutureFly Signature Dubbing

The Signature Dubbing from FutureFly is blended from 3 kinds of materials - two long stapel length synthetics and one natural.
The natural material within the dubbing blend becomes transparent in the water leaving the synthetic flash strands to do their work. This dubbing is made only for FutureFly and we stock it in 20 colours.
It can be brushed out easily to create great attraction in any fly pattern.
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Stock Code:  FFSD501

FutureFly Signature Dubbing
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Signature Colour: After MidnightSignature Colour: AntiqueSignature Colour: Ice Ice IceSignature Colour: Grass Hopper
Signature Colour: Autumn GreenSignature Colour: Just ChartreuseSignature Colour: GGB BlueSignature Colour: Karneval
Signature Colour: Morum CopperSignature Colour: Em BurningSignature Colour: Morum OrangeSignature Colour: Too Cool
Signature Colour: Just OrangeSignature Colour: Red FoxSignature Colour: Em PurpleSignature Colour: Midnight Star
Signature Colour: Spring Green