Nayat Hair Pelt Patch


Nayat is an ideal hair for long winged salmon patterns such as the Collie Dog and Sunray Shadow and is also popular for modern larger Scandinavian style flies. The hair has a slight crinkle but has great mobility and is very easy to tie in.

The hair is very useful in saltwater and other baitfish style patterns as it has a natural taper that creates an excellent profile and is now increasing popular with Predator fly tyers. Nayat Hair is also used in larger or long winged fly tying to support softer materials such as Cashmere Goat where it will stop the softer material from wrapping around the hook.

Average Hair Length: 130 - 150mm

Small Pack Size: 16 sq/cm
Medium Pack Size: 32 sq/cm
Large Pack Size: 64 sq/cm

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Nayat Hair Pelt Patch
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